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NAECR Knowledge event highlights ways to communicate research across different sectors

Best practices for sharing research across different audiences — including practice and policymaking — was the focus of the Spring 2023 NAECR Knowledge event April 7.

How can researchers best communicate their work to different audiences, including practitioners and policymakers?

The Spring 2023 NAECR Knowledge event April 7 focused on ways to effectively share research findings across various sectors, and discussed ways to develop impactful, informative research briefs to highlight their work.

Speakers included:

  • Dana Ludvik, Communications & Media Specialist, CYFS
  • Michael Medwick, Strategic Communications Manager, First Five Nebraska
  • Lisa Poppe, Lead Extension Educator, The Learning Child Team, Nebraska Extension
  • LaDonna Werth, Extension Educator, The Learning Child Team, Nebraska Extension

Watch the presentation.

The Spring 2023 NAECR Networking event is May 5 from noon to 1 p.m., and will highlight early childhood research from across the University of Nebraska system. The virtual event will provide time for attendees to connect with colleagues and brainstorm research and collaboration opportunities.

The event is free but requires registration.

NAECR Knowledge and NAECR Networking are an ongoing series of networking and training events designed to enhance early childhood research across the NU system.

For more information on NAECR activities, contact Sommer Fousek, project coordinator, at