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NAECR Networking event explores relationship between early childhood practice, policy

An April 19 NAECR Networking discussion focused on the relationship between early childhood practice and policy. View the discussion.

The relationship between early childhood research practice and state legislation is a complex one that can sometimes help or hinder research efforts.

Early childhood researchers gathered April 19 to discuss how a better understanding of the policy process can enhance research during a virtual NAECR Networking event. Full Article

NAECR Knowledge explores sharing research through integrated marketing communications

A March 10 NAECR Knowledge event explored ways to effectively share research through integrated marketing communications, including social media. Watch the training.

How can researchers make their work accessible and digestible to practitioners and policymakers?

That was the focus of the NAECR Knowledge virtual event March 10. About 50 early childhood researchers attended via Zoom videoconference to discuss how social media can be used to share research effectively. Full Article

Coaching model aims to enhance services for Nebraska infants, toddlers

Lisa Knoche, CYFS co-director, is leading a project to explore ways to enhance coaching of state early intervention personnel who work with infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families. Learn more in the CYFS Research Network.

In the United States, almost 400,000 infants and toddlers who are not developing typically receive services through the federal Early Intervention Program for Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities.

Because these children and their families rely on early intervention services for optimal developmental outcomes, evidence-based solutions are crucial. Full Article

NAECR Knowledge/Networking event examines research partnerships during pandemic

Because most in-person collaboration has been put on hold during the pandemic, innovative methods are being developed to initiate and maintain research partnerships.

The second combined NAECR Knowledge/Networking event of the fall explored how early childhood researchers have adjusted ways they initiate, maintain and address research partnerships in the time of COVID-19.

The Nov. 4 virtual conversation focused on how research relationships and collaboration have evolved in recent months during the pandemic — and some of the innovative ways they have overcome obstacles to forge ahead with their work. Full Article

NAECR Knowledge/Networking event explores creative data collection during pandemic

In the age of COVID-19, researchers face new data collection challenges — including how to safely conduct home observations.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began last spring, early childhood researchers have faced new challenges in their work — including how to effectively gather data in the age of social distancing and remote learning.

The first of two combined NAECR Knowledge/Networking events of the fall semester explored creative data collection methods to consider when working with children, families and early childhood practitioners during the pandemic. Full Article

Building a strong foundation for cross-campus collaboration on executive function research

Members of the executive function collaboration infrastructure team include, from left, Jolene Johnson, Kathleen Gallagher, Carrie Clark, Kimia Akhavein, Anne Schutte, Jenna Finch, Danae Dinkel, Amanda Witte, Irina Patwardhan, Philip Lai and Marc Goodrich. Learn more in the CYFS Research Network.

Construction is underway on the foundation of a collaborative network of Nebraska researchers who are pooling their talent and resources to expand early childhood executive function research.

Carrie Clark, associate professor of educational psychology, and Jenna Finch, assistant professor of psychology, are leading the effort, thanks to funding from a University of Nebraska Collaboration Initiative Planning Grant. The initiative is designed to foster cross-campus research collaboration. Full Article

NAECR Early Childhood Measures Exchange now available

The NAECR Early Childhood Measures Exchange is a new online tool designed to help researchers collaborate on early childhood assessments.

A new tool from the Nebraska Academy for Early Childhood Research is now available to help researchers collaborate on early childhood assessments.

NAECR’s Early Childhood Measures Exchange is designed to help researchers find, explore and access early childhood assessments available from other NAECR researchers. Full Article