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CYFS team edits book on rural education research

Gwen Nugent

After leading the National Center for Research on Rural Education, a team of CYFS researchers has edited a new book titled “Rural Education Research in the United States: State of the Science and Emerging Directions.”

When the team began their work, there were not books focused specifically on rural education research—a gap they aimed to fill, said Gwen Nugent, lead editor and CYFS research professor.

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Graduate Student Q&A with Jared Stevens

Jared Stevens

Name: Jared Stevens

Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska

Major/program: Quantitative, Qualitative, Psychometric Methods

Graduate assistantship: CYFS’ Nebraska Academy for Methodology, Analytics and Psychometrics

Anticipated date of graduation: 2019

Educational background: Bachelor’s degree in psychology and sociology from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln

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Study: Link between older, younger siblings’ dating decisions

Lorey Wheeler

When making decisions about dating, sex, and even marriage, Latino teens are likely to follow in the footsteps of their older siblings, according to a study led by CYFS research assistant professor Lorey Wheeler.

“We’re all in relationships at some point in our lives, and we know they affect our health later in life,” said Wheeler, who also co-directs CYFS’ Nebraska Academy for Methodology, Analytics and Psychometrics. “Within the context of learning about relationships, it is important to know how older siblings influence that developmental process.”

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Video available for fall methodology workshop

David MacKinnon presents during the fall 2016 Nebraska Methodology Workshop.

David MacKinnon, foundation professor of psychology at Arizona State University, led the 2016 Nebraska Methodology Workshop on Sept. 30.

The all-day workshop, “Introduction to Modern Mediation Analysis,” drew more than 80 students, faculty and community members. MacKinnon also presented a free, public keynote address at the conclusion of the workshop, titled “Controversies in Modern Mediation Analysis.”

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Students gain skills in early childhood autism spectrum disorders

Micheale Marcus, left, works with one of her clients at UNMC's Autism Care for Toddlers Clinic. The clinic provides services to children with autism, and their families.

Micheale Marcus puts her hands in the air. Then on her nose. Then on the table—a miniature one, where she sits with her client: a 3-year-old toddler who mimics her every move.

Marcus, a second-year graduate student, is receiving training in early childhood autism spectrum disorders through a new traineeship offered in the College of Education and Human Sciences’ school psychology graduate program.

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Arthur receives student paper, travel awards

Ann Arthur

Ann Arthur, CYFS graduate assistant, has earned student paper and travel awards from the International Conference on Questionnaire Design, Development, Evaluation and Testing.

During the Nov. 9-13 conference in Miami, Florida, Arthur will present her paper, “Advances in Questionnaire Design for Youth.” She developed the paper while working on a project with CYFS’ Nebraska Academy for Analytics, Psychometrics and Analytics (MAP Academy).

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