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Graduate Student Q&A with Rae Bullinger

Rae Bullinger, CYFS graduate research assistant

Name: Rae Bullinger

Hometown: Minnetonka, Minnesota

Program: School Psychology

Year: First year

Project: Specialization in Toddlers with ASD Program

What kind of work have you been doing with the project?

I’m just starting on the project, but I am excited to learn more about diagnosing ASD and how to implement treatments in the coming semesters. Full Article

Graduate Student Q&A with Emily Camp

Emily Camp, CYFS graduate research assistant

Name: Emily Camp

Hometown: St. Louis

Program: Counseling Psychology

Year: First-year doctoral student

Project: Coaching Science Inquiry

How did you become interested in your field?

I became interested in the field of psychology, generally, after being a Jumpstart tutor through AmeriCorps my freshman year of college. I worked with a student who faced several barriers to education, some of which were related to his experiences in foster care. I became curious about how the cultural, social and familial contexts of learners impact their academic experiences and well-being in the long-term. This experience led me to pursue jobs within schools, group homes and other care facilities, both nationally and internationally, as I developed an interest in the effect of trauma on individuals. Full Article

Student Research Opportunities website now available

ACT-CYFS-BlogThe Nebraska Academy for Early Childhood Research has developed a new online resource for faculty and students involved in early childhood research across the University of Nebraska system.

The Student Research Opportunities website enables NU faculty to advertise opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students seeking work experience in early childhood research. Students can browse available positions and filter them by campus location, academic level (i.e., graduate or undergraduate), position type (e.g., assistantship, paid, volunteer) and the age group being researched. Full Article

Research provides INSIGHTS into child temperament

From left, Kathleen Rudasill and Gwen Nugent, co-principal investigators, introduce children to a few of the puppet characters of INSIGHTS.

Gregory is having a bad day. A school field trip has been canceled, and he is angry.

He is joined by a teacher and a kindergartner, who together discuss ways Gregory might cope with his emotions and keep his behavior under control.

“These are some things he might want to do,” the teacher says. “But there are other things he could do instead.” Full Article

Graduate Student Q&A with Cassie Hermiller

Cassie Hermiller, CYFS graduate student

Name: Cassie Hermiller

Hometown: Ottawa, Ohio

Program: School Psychology

Year: First year (just completed)

Project: Concussion and mTBI Management Traineeship

What have you been doing with the project? 

With the traineeship, I have been learning about various aspects of concussions and accommodations in school for kids with concussions. We visited the Brain Injury Conference in Kearney and spoke with concussion and TBI survivors and other practitioners in the field, and learned what it was like to live or work with survivors. Full Article

Graduate Student Q&A with Renata Trefiglio Mendes Gomes

Renata Trefiglio Mendes Gomes, CYFS graduate student

Name: Renata Trefiglio Mendes Gomes

Hometown: São Paulo, Brazil

Program: Early Learning Network

Year: First year (just completed)

Project: My Ph.D. project is “Professores e Pais como Parceiros: A Cross-cultural Adaptation and Implementation Effectiveness of the Teachers and Parents as Partners Program to a Brazilian sample.” As a graduate research assistant, I am supporting both the Early Learning Network and the Nebraska Academy for Early Childhood Research. Full Article

Graduate Student Q&A with Megan Conley

Megan Conley, CYFS graduate student

Name: Megan Conley

Hometown: Coahoma, Texas

Program: School Psychology

Year: First year (just completed)

Project: Traineeship in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Concussion Management

What are you doing with the project? 

The goal of the traineeship is to educate future school psychologists about concussions and brain injury, emphasizing how brain injuries — even mild ones, like concussions — can affect student learning. Our goal is to advocate for students who have sustained a brain injury and bring awareness to those working with students, such as teachers, parents and coaches, to ensure a smooth transition back to the classroom. Full Article