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NAECR Knowledge event covers Microsoft Teams’ usefulness in collaborative research

The usefulness of Microsoft Teams collaborative tool was the topic of the Feb. 10 NAECR Knowledge event.

The usefulness of Microsoft Teams, the main collaborative tool in the Microsoft Office 365 suite, was the topic of the Feb. 10 NAECR Knowledge event.

About two-dozen early childhood researchers attended the virtual discussion to explore the most efficient, effective ways to use Teams, a collaboration app that helps groups stay organized and have conversations from any device. The tool enables users to launch instant conversations, make phone calls, host meetings and share files.

Using Teams as a collaborative space to work with other researchers is becoming common throughout the University of Nebraska system.­

Watch the training.

Kristi Collins, Microsoft learning consultant, shared information about the main features and abilities of Teams and answered questions about the app.

NAECR Networking and NAECR Knowledge are an ongoing series of networking and training events designed to enhance early childhood research across the NU system.

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