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Researchers gathering eye-opening data to help ensure adequate sleep among agricultural workers

Researchers are collecting sleep data from Midwestern agricultural workers to investigate the quantity and quality of sleep among farmers and ranchers during peak and non-peak seasons. Learn more in the CYFS Research Network.

As anyone who has ever experienced insomnia knows, the lack of a good night’s sleep can make for a difficult morning.

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, side effects of sleep deprivation include lack of concentration, attention deficits, longer reaction times, distractibility, lack of coordination, poor decision-making, increased errors and forgetfulness. Full Article

Project examines how external, internal controls in schools affect students’ opportunities to learn

An ongoing study is examining how internal school controls, such as guidelines implemented by a school’s principal, administrators and teachers, can mediate the impact of external controls from the federal, state and city level. Learn more in the CYFS Research Network.

When it comes to measuring student outcomes, grading individual schools can be complicated.

Although federal, state and local mandates are continually added to school-based policies and practices used to measure student performance — and hold schools accountable — research indicates that such measures have mixed effects on student achievement, graduation rates and equity in learning. Full Article

Statewide survey finds Nebraska educators can adjust to ‘virtually’ anything, but at what cost?

During spring 2020, all of Nebraska’s 983 public schools sat vacant — and all the state’s 330,000 children from pre-kindergarten to grade 12 were learning in out-of-classroom environments. Learn more about this project in the CYFS Research Network.

As the COVID-19 epidemic escalated to a pandemic in early 2020, millions of Americans began working from home — and millions of students left their classrooms to continue their studies remotely.

In March 2020, all 983 Nebraska public schools sat vacant, and all the state’s 330,000 children from pre-kindergarten to grade 12 were learning in out-of-classroom environments. Full Article

IVRL workshop promotes strategies to prevent teen relationship violence

Preventing interpersonal relationship violence among teens was the focus of the April 28 Dating and Sexual Violence Prevention Workshop, hosted by the Interpersonal Violence Research Laboratory.

The virtual, interactive workshop focused on practical, cost-effective, evidence-based prevention strategies. Katie Edwards, associate professor, CYFS and educational psychology, and Emily Waterman, IVRL faculty affiliate, outlined definitions, statistics, causes and consequences of teen dating violence and sexual violence. Full Article

University of Texas’ Bond leads MAP Academy Methodology Workshop

Mark Bond, assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the University of Texas at Austin’s Dell Medical School, led the MAP Academy’s Spring 2021 Methodology Workshop April 21.

Bond’s research keynote focused on the various analytical techniques used to investigate associations between early childhood traumatic experiences and mental illness for sexual and gender minorities — particularly, how a number of psychometric methods are employed, along with a unique model selection process. Full Article

Study: Social media discourse significantly drives public’s perception of Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have reported alleged incidents of discrimination and violence. Learn more in the CYFS Research Network.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected people from all walks of life in the U.S., the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community have experienced an added share of hardships, according to a recent Nebraska study.

A recent analysis of the use of the term “China virus” and other racially charged terms by government officials and the media — and the resulting conversations online — reveals more evidence of social media’s powerful influence on public perception and the potential to stoke racist discourse online. Full Article

NAECR Networking event explores relationship between early childhood practice, policy

An April 19 NAECR Networking discussion focused on the relationship between early childhood practice and policy. View the discussion.

The relationship between early childhood research practice and state legislation is a complex one that can sometimes help or hinder research efforts.

Early childhood researchers gathered April 19 to discuss how a better understanding of the policy process can enhance research during a virtual NAECR Networking event. Full Article

Video available for MAP Academy presentation featuring Lorey Wheeler

Lorey Wheeler, MAP Academy co-director, led the final presentation of the 2021 Spring Methodology Applications Series April 16. Watch the video.

Lorey Wheeler, MAP Academy co-director, led the final presentation of the Spring 2021 Methodology Applications Series presentation April 16.

Video is now available of her virtual presentation, “Measuring Dyadic Relationships: Introduction to Dyadic Indices and Approaches.” Full Article