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Nebraska researchers expand reach of TAPP family-school intervention

From left, Amanda Witte, CYFS research assistant professor, and Susan Sheridan, CYFS director, are leading efforts to expand the reach of TAPP. Learn more about this project in the CYFS Research Network.

A family-school intervention program that has seen success in Nebraska and surrounding states is expanding its reach.

Susan Sheridan, director of the Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families and Schools, and Amanda Witte, CYFS research assistant professor, are working with University of Wisconsin researchers to bring the Teachers and Parents as Partners (TAPP) intervention to schools in their state, along with ongoing studies in the region. Full Article

Grand Challenges research effort aims to prevent sexual violence among Indigenous youth

Funded by a $3.2 million UNL Grand Challenges Catalyst Award, Nebraska researcher Katie Edwards is leading a four-year project to establish an Indigenous-led sexual violence prevention center on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Learn more about the project in the CYFS Research Network.

For the past six years, Nebraska educational psychologist Katie Edwards has worked with Native American communities and organizations to combat sexual violence — a trauma Indigenous peoples experience at rates higher than any other racial or ethnic group in the U.S. Full Article

Study: Sleep deficits add up during busy seasons for farmers, ranchers

Data from a recent study found that during peak seasons — planting, harvesting and calving — farmers and ranchers spent about 25 fewer minutes in bed and 28 fewer minutes actually sleeping each night. Learn more in the CYFS Research Network.

As any agricultural worker will readily admit, occasional sleep deprivation is all part of the job.

But for farmers and ranchers who routinely work around livestock and machinery, bad things can happen when sleepiness leads to lack of concentration, slower reaction times or distractibility. Full Article

Research assessing impacts, solutions of sex trafficking of Native Americans

Researchers in Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota are using two U.S. Department of Justice grants — one from the National Institute of Justice, the other from the Office on Violence Against Women — to examine the impacts of sex trafficking on Native American survivors and communities. Learn more in the CYFS Research Network.

Although Native American women and girls experience disproportionally high rates of sex trafficking, little is known about the impact that sex trafficking has specifically on Native survivors — or what Native survivors need to heal and achieve safety and justice. Full Article

2022 Summit on Research in Early Childhood helps connect research, practice, policy

Participants gather during the 2022 CYFS Summit on Research in Early Childhood at the Nebraska Innovation Campus Conference Center on April 13. View photo gallery.

Creating connections among early childhood research, practice and policy — and how each can enhance the lives of young children and their families — provided the central theme of the 2022 CYFS Summit on Research in Early Childhood.

Nearly 200 attendees, including researchers from across the University of Nebraska system, practitioners, administrators, community partners and policymakers, gathered April 13 at Nebraska Innovation Campus for the daylong, sixth biennial summit, which highlighted the latest research to advance early childhood education and development, and implications for practice and policy. Full Article

TAPP brings new tool to students, parents and teachers in Brazil

From left, Renata T.M. Gomes, CYFS graduate research assistant and doctoral candidate, and Natalie Williams, associate professor and graduate chair in the Department of Child, Youth and Family Studies, discuss TAPP during a meeting at the Maria Cecilia Souto Vidigal Foundation in Brazil. Gomes is leading a project to introduce TAPP to students in Brazil. Learn more in the CYFS Research Network.

As students in Brazil slowly return to in-person learning following the COVID-19 pandemic, some are being introduced to a program designed to foster parent-teacher partnerships to help boost children’s academic and social and emotional success.

Renata T.M. Gomes, CYFS graduate research assistant and doctoral candidate, is leading the effort to bring Teachers and Parents as Partners (TAPP) to Brazil. Full Article

Resource toolkit enables Nebraska Extension personnel to Reach Out for Wellness

Nebraska researchers have developed a toolkit of resources to help Extension professionals cope with the challenges of their work — and seek support — through better understanding of their own well-being. Learn more in the CYFS Research Network.

As frontline caregiving professionals, Nebraska Extension professionals provide vital assistance to communities during the state’s disaster response and recovery efforts, and offer a lifeline for many struggling to cope during times of crisis.

Holly Hatton-Bowers, assistant professor of child, youth and family studies, is the program director of a national project funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and housed at CYFS, focused on supporting the wellness of Extension personnel following natural disasters. Full Article

Community-based research aims to improve support for sex trafficking survivors

Researchers and practitioners are collaborating to better understand sex trafficking survivors’ perceptions of services they are receiving — and to learn what services they find most helpful in supporting their recovery. Learn more in the CYFS Research Network.

Katie Edwards, director of the Interpersonal Violence Research Laboratory and associate professor, CYFS and educational psychology, is leading research to better understand how sex trafficking survivors regard the services they receive — and to learn what services they find most helpful. Full Article