Study aims to enhance quality of life for rural Nebraska minorities, communities

The research team includes, from left, Evan Choi, Rodrigo Cantarero, Maria de Guzman, Soo-Young Hong and Irene Padasas

As populations in many rural Nebraska counties decline, those that are stable or growing share a common element: ethnic diversity.

A University of Nebraska–Lincoln study recently explored how cultural and economic resources generated by diverse populations can help smaller communities not only survive, but thrive. Full Article

Bass receives funding for study focused on improving outcomes for rural adolescents

Henry Bass, fourth-year doctoral student in school psychology

Henry Bass, a fourth-year doctoral student in school psychology, has a passion for helping youth navigate one of life’s most challenging periods: adolescence.

Bass recently received news that the Society for the Study of School Psychology will award funding for his dissertation project, which focuses on identifying the extent to which family-school partnerships improve long-term outcomes for children as they become adolescents. Full Article

Video available for James Bovaird presentation

James Bovaird, MAP Academy director, leads a Nov. 30 Methodology Applications Series presentation.

James Bovaird, director of the Nebraska Academy for Methodology, Analytics and Psychometrics, led the first presentation of the 2018-19 Methodology Applications Series Nov. 30.

His presentation, “Adaptation in the Social, Behavioral and Education Sciences: Implications for Measurement, Evaluation and Intervention,” is now available on video. Full Article

Graduate student Q&A with Madison Atwater

Madison Atwater, CYFS graduate research assistant

Name: Madison Atwater

Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama

Program: School Psychology

Year: First-year doctoral student

Project: Concussion Management Grant

What kind of work have you been doing with the project?

I am currently learning about concussions/mTBIs and how to properly care for children — particularly in schools — who have suffered them. I learn by reading a lot about these subjects, doing a literature review and coming together with others in my grant to discuss what we’ve learned. Next year, we will be able to use these skills in school practicums. Full Article

Research examines outdoor effects on children with autism

A participant takes an outdoor walk.

Birds sing and a cool breeze rustles through the leaves as a pair of squirrels scurry through the tall, green grass and up a tree — all under blue skies and sunshine.

Such scenes are typical during a leisurely, summer walk through a park — relaxing and uplifting for most people. For a team of University of Nebraska researchers, however, those elements may prove to be even more significant. Full Article

Mindfulness study includes CYFS faculty member, affiliate

From left, Michelle Howell Smith, CYFS research assistant professor; Holly Hatton-Bowers, CYAF assistant professor; and Tuyen Huynh, CYAF doctoral candidate

A research team behind recently published findings on the use of mixed methods designs in mindfulness studies included a CYFS faculty member and a faculty affiliate.

The article, “A Critical Methodological Review of Mixed Methods Designs Used in Mindfulness Research,” appeared in the October issue of Mindfulness, a journal of peer-reviewed papers that examine the latest research findings and best practices in mindfulness research. Full Article

NAECR Knowledge series begins with Box training

Ranelle Maltas, technology training services associate, leads a presentation on Box features during a Nov. 14 NAECR Knowledge event at the Nebraska Union.

More than 20 people attended the inaugural NAECR Knowledge event Nov. 14 at the Nebraska Union — in person and via video conferencing — to learn more about Box features and data security.

Information Technology Services’ Ranelle Maltas, technology training services associate, and Cheryl O’Dell, security awareness and incident response manager, outlined some of Box’s most useful features and discussed how to share secure data using the collaborative file storage tool. Full Article

CYFS releases 2017-18 Annual Report

View the 2018 CYFS Annual Report: Interactive / PDF

CYFS has released its annual report for the 2017 fiscal year, which ran from July 2017 to June 2018.

The report highlights various research focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics — STEM. Included are projects designed to help middle-school students better understand algebra, enhance opportunities for college students pursuing STEM-related bachelor’s degrees and find ways to ensure all Nebraska residents have access to the latest technology. Full Article