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Study examines strategies to enhance preschool science instruction

Soo-Young Hong
Soo-Young Hong

A preschooler sends a toy car whizzing across a track and down a ramp. With a teacher’s guidance, this four-year-old can also learn about force and motion: the science behind her play.

Soo-Young Hong, associate professor of child, youth and family studies, is exploring how a professional development program could help preschool teachers integrate science into their daily classroom activities.

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Video available for Martin’s methodology presentation

Meredith Martin presents at the April 14 Methodology Applications Series.
Meredith Martin presents at the April 14 Methodology Applications Series. View presentation.

Meredith Martin, assistant professor of educational psychology, led the first presentation in the 2017 Methodology Applications Series on Friday, April 14. The series is sponsored by the Nebraska Academy for Methodology, Analytics and Psychometrics. 

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$1.1M grant to launch UNL concussion management program

Scott Napolitano

With concussion awareness at an all-time high, school personnel are increasingly responsible for supporting students’ recovery.

Scott Napolitano, assistant professor of practice in educational psychology, has been awarded a $1.1 million grant to develop evidence-based training that will help schools diagnose and manage cases of concussion and mild traumatic brain injury in students.

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Study reveals benefits of UNL robotics program

Gwen Nugent and Brad Barker. View photo gallery.

Robots are inspiring the middle school students who may one day engineer them, while also benefitting those who pursue other career paths, according to a new University of Nebraska-Lincoln study.

Led by CYFS faculty affiliate Brad Barker and Gwen Nugent, CYFS research professor, the study examined findings from a student robotics project developed at UNL and implemented across the country—including one site in Cuba. Funded by the National Science Foundation, the project delivered robotics and geospatial mapping curriculum to after-school clubs and summer camps. The curriculum also supported youth robotics competitions.

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Williams leads massage therapy study in rehabilitation hospital

Paul Springer, Judy Burnfield and Natalie Williams at the Alexis Verzal Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln, Neb., where they are researching the impact of massage therapy for parents whose children are in rehabilitation.

When Alexis Verzal first arrived at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln, Neb., her future held many more questions than answers. While her parents Tiffany and Brandon Verzal grappled with these unknowns, this much they knew: Their world had been turned upside down.

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Niehaus earns grants to study student engagement

Elizabeth Niehaus
Elizabeth Niehaus

Elizabeth Niehaus, assistant professor in educational administration, has been awarded two grants to study Caribbean student engagement in higher education. The American College Personnel Association Foundation awarded a $2,500 grant and the NASPA (Student Affairs Administrators In Higher Education) Foundation awarded $4,650—both projects are housed in CYFS.

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Jones using mobile technology to engage students

CYFS faculty affiliate Georgia Jones, associate professor of nutrition and health sciences, is starting a technology innovation project with a grant from CEHS. She is working with CYFS to produce videos for students, which will be filmed and edited using only mobile devices.
Georgia Jones, associate professor of nutrition and health sciences, is working with CYFS to produce supplemental course videos, which will be filmed and edited solely with mobile devices. Her technology innovation project is funded by CEHS and will include a tutorial to help other professors replicate the process.

CYFS faculty affiliate Georgia Jones, associate professor of nutrition and health sciences, is using mobile technology to connect students with supplemental course content—and she’s doing it all from a UNL food laboratory.

Jones is partnering with the Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families and Schools to create a food science video series using a GoPro camera and an iPad.

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