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CYFS statisticians Bovaird, Koziol write handbook chapter

Two members of the CYFS Statistics and Research Methodology Unit have contributed a chapter to the recently published “Handbook of Structural Equation Modeling.”

James Bovaird, director of the SRM Unit, and Natalie Koziol, doctoral student affiliate in educational psychology and statistics, addressed advanced applications of the increasingly prevalent structural equation modeling technique. Their chapter outlines the modeling of ordinal data associated with latent variables, which are not directly observable but can be estimated from the values of other related variables. Full Article

Faculty affiliate Doll earns APA award

Beth Doll

CYFS Faculty Affiliate Beth Doll recently received the American Psychological Association’s Jack Bardon Distinguished Service Award during the 120th APA Annual Convention in Orlando, Fla.

The APA grants the award to mature school psychologists who have demonstrated exceptional programs of service and a history of sustained achievement throughout their careers. Full Article

CYFS earns $3.2 million grant to assess Getting Ready intervention

A CYFS research team has earned a $3.2 million U.S. Department of Education grant to explore whether an intervention approach that bridges living rooms and classrooms can also span the persistent achievement gap facing disadvantaged children.

Dubbed Getting Ready, the CYFS-designed intervention aims to strengthen parent-child relationships and foster family-school partnerships that improve the educational prospects of children at risk for developmental delays. Two of Getting Ready’s creators, CYFS Director Susan Sheridan and CYFS Research Associate Professor Lisa Knoche, are now leading a study of its ability to help these struggling children close gaps in cognition, language skills and social-emotional maturity as they enter preschool. Full Article

Economics experts named newest faculty affiliates

Early education and child care influence more than just individual futures – they also impact the economic trajectories of communities throughout Nebraska and the United States.

The Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families and Schools recently added two faculty affiliates, Eric Thompson and David Rosenbaum, who are currently researching links between early childhood and the economy. Full Article

Doctoral affiliate Hubel studying risk factors of child maltreatment

The Early Head Start program aims to give young children exactly that. However, the program has fought a recurring battle against the maltreatment of those children by the same low-income families it seeks to assist.

In 2009, CYFS Doctoral Student Affiliate Grace Hubel began working as a mental health consultant with a local Early Head Start center in Lincoln, Neb. Through her interactions with families and conversations with staff, Hubel realized that the program’s children seemed especially susceptible to the neglect and abuse that research has linked with psychiatric disorders, poor communication skills and antisocial behavior. Full Article

CYFS leading meta-analysis on parental engagement in education

CYFS Postdoctoral Fellow Elizabeth Moorman Kim (left), CYFS Director Susan Sheridan (center) and the University of Texas at Austin's Tasha Beretvas will determine the impacts of both parent-involvement and family-school partnership interventions by collecting and analyzing decades' worth of research studies.

If research studies represent the jigsaw pieces to complex puzzles, meta-analyses assemble them into cohesive pictures that help resolve important questions.

CYFS Postdoctoral Fellow Elizabeth Moorman Kim and CYFS Director Susan Sheridan are currently gathering those pieces to clarify the impacts of two intervention-based approaches for engaging parents in their children’s education. Full Article